Nature is the most influential part of my inspiration, the basis to which I always return, I feel compelled to express her beauty. There is something that draws me to the concept of infinite detail, a fractal that allows beauty at every perseptual shift. Entering into the micro structure of a petal or bubble… reveals a whole new world.

The natural patterns of nature allow for an infinite play of light and reflection, revealing new stories and worlds every time you look.

I am naturally drawn to the patterns and structures that I find in my work. The polished exteriors and highlighted points reveal a sort of rhythm or song that plays as eyes run across the surface.

Reticence Is about me exploring my work in order to better understand myself. My work is a meditative process where I deal with ideas or problems of my mind. My body becomes an automated process as I lose myself and retreat to a silent mind space. The process becomes a means for me to escape and loose my sense of self.

Each interaction in the world forces an identity onto the psyche, each piece of work is a cleansing of my own perception of self to become a clean slate for unhindered expression.