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Dwell, Young Guns 2016

For 21st-century designers, visibility isn’t just a virtue, it’s part and parcel of a successful career in an interconnected world, where product launches and visual inspiration are found and shared with the click of a button. Creativity is a difficult professional endeavor to tackle, which is why our annual Young Guns feature is both a…

Sanlam Private Wealth 1/1 Private Collection

This young creative, Driaan Claasen, has captured our imaginations with his sculptured, other-worldly bronze and wooden object inspired by the power and designs observed in nature. http://1of1privatecollection.co.za/meet-the-makers/    

Visi #76 Article

If you missed the article on Reticence in the 76th issue of Visi, here is your chance to catch up and read what they had to say.    

Visi #76

Reticence featuring in Visi #76  

GUILD 2015, International Design Fair, V&A Waterfront

I had the privilege to join this years Guild International Design Fair. It was an honor to put my work alongside some of my favorite artists and designers. It’s design like this that pushes me to work harder, to not give up but to give more. Guild is a one of a kind place. If…


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